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RS 2024/25 Financial Assistance Form

TBH Religious School


We are thrilled to have you join or continue as a member of our Temple  Beth Hillel community. Temple Beth Hillel's financial assistance program is based on demonstrated need. Applications are kept strictly confidential and must be resubmitted annually. Additional information, such as tax documents, may also be requested.

Please make sure to fill out the entire application. If you have questions, please contact Andrea Arons Jaffe in the Religious School office.

Once you have completed the financial assistance form, our committee will review your application. If an award is given, you will be notified via email and your account will be updated to reflect the award of financial assistance. The email will provide instructions on how to log into your account and set up a payment plan. If you should run into any difficulty, please contact our accounting office.

Thank you for being a part of our community!




Member 1 Information

Member 2 Information

Please use this format: 310-555-1212.

Please use this format: 310-555-1212.


If "other," please explain

If you own, what is your current monthly mortgage payment?

If you own, what is the current value of your home?

If you rent, what is your monthly rent?
If you own a second residence, what is your monthly mortgage payment?
If you own a second residence, what is the value of the residence?


Member 1 Income

Member 2 Income


(Please include all children, including college age dependents.)



At Temple Beth Hillel, we recognize the uniqueness of each family’s financial situation. A financial award is only considered in circumstances where there is true financial need. In the space below, please describe, in detail, the reason for your request for financial consideration and any additional information not covered by this form.

We recognize that, although the strike is over, some of our families are still recovering financially. If your household continues to be financially affected by the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike, please let us know.

Please be sure to include specific information about the financial impact your family continues to experience and include a specific request for assistance.

If additional documentation is required, we will request it via email.



By typing my name in the box below, I confirm that I regard financial consideration as a temporary situation and acknowledge that when my financial situation improves, I will return to a standard dues structure.

Please type your name in this box as your signature. By typing your signature, you confirm that all information included in this form is accurate.

Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784